British Oncology Pharmacy Association

BOPA is the British Oncology Pharmacy Association, founded in the autumn of 1996 and grew out of the United Kingdom Clinical Pharmacy Association (UKCPA). The purpose of BOPA, which is a registered charity, is to promote excellence in the pharmaceutical care of patients with cancer through education, communication, research and innovation by an alliance of hospital, community and academic pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, those in the pharmaceutical industry and other healthcare professionals.


Our Mission Statement

BOPA’s principal objective is to promote excellence in the pharmaceutical care of patients with cancer, thereby improving their quality of life. We aim to do this by:

  • ONE

    Promoting the highest standards of pharmaceutical practice within oncology
  • TWO

    Promoting the role of specialist oncology and haematology pharmacists and technicians

    Supporting and developing recognition and accreditation of oncology as a specialty area of pharmacy practice
  • FOUR

    Leading, promoting and encouraging oncology pharmacy practice research
  • FIVE

    Encouraging and promoting specialist postgraduate and other education of pharmacists and technicians in the knowledge and practice of oncology and oncology pharmacy
  • SIX

    Informing and guiding the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain, National Health Service and Department of Health about the pharmaceutical needs of patients with cancer

    Developing and monitoring standards of pharmaceutical practice in cancer care

    Fostering alliances between hospital, community and academic pharmacists and pharmacy technicians with those working in the pharmaceutical industry and other healthcare professions
  • NINE

    Facilitating communication through appropriate media such as newsletters and other publications, symposia and by providing networking opportunities
  • TEN

    Encouraging and informing consideration of occupational health and safety issues for personnel working with hazardous anticancer agents

Further details can be found in the BOPA Constitution.

Our Partners

Succinct currently provide all secretariat support as well as manage all aspects of BOPA's Annual Symposium.
The Royal Pharmaceutical Society is the dedicated professional body for pharmacists and pharmacy in England, Scotland and Wales providing leadership, support and development to its members.
WhyHealth are our newest partner, who will be managing the new BOPA Bursary Scheme and supporting BOPA's developing digital strategy