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  • Welcome to one of the training modules on ‘Raising public awareness of cancer in community pharmacies’.
  • There are two lessons and an assessment within each module - after you have completed each lesson you can either continue to the next one or return at another time.
  • You can access the first two lessons, even once you have completed the module.
  • An assessment may only be launched once so cannot be retaken.
  • The 'Useful Links' shown within each lesson may also be accessed via the 'Resources' tab on the 'Course Details' page.
  • In addition to the course's 'Useful Links', the 'Resources' tab will also contain the following (once the appropriate assessment has been completed):
  • Pocket guide
  • Workbook (for assistants and dispensers only)
  • Assessment answer sheet
  • Please note that the term ‘patient’ in this module will refer to patients, customers or anyone who walks into your pharmacy.
  • Please read the User Guide before you start using this e-learning site for the first time.
  • The content within this module has been developed by Essex Cancer Network.