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Signs and Symptons of Lung Cancer

  1. Scales: Unexplained weight loss.
  2. Forehead: Sweats
  3. Red Flag Symptom: Chest. Dyspnoea (breathing difficulties). Chest pain - either a dull ache or a sharp pain when coughing or inhaling deeply. A chest infection that does not get better.
  4. Stomach: Loss of appetite.
  5. Red Flag Symptom: Tissue. Haemoptysis (coughing up blood). Throat. Hoarseness
  6. Red Flag Symptom: Mouth Persistant vomiting can be a sign of bowel obstruction
  7. Red Flag Symptom: Cough. A persistant cough for 3 weeks or more. Change in long standing or unexplained cough.
  8. Red Flag Symptom: OTC Medicines. Persistant use of cough mixtures can cover up signs of cancer.

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