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Verification Standards

  • The BOPA Verification Standards set out 7 separate stages that describe the complete chemotherapy prescription verification process.
  • These standards were prepared by specialist oncology pharmacists for the UK pharmacy profession.
  • Please print out the BOPA verification standards to refer to during this lesson, this can be found in the Useful Links section of this page.

Points to consider:

  • Additional advice is available on how to verify a chemotherapy prescription, for example, Skills for Health have developed the National Occupational Standards, please read the factsheet in the Useful Links for more information
  • It is recognised that in some cases, for example in paediatric oncology, there may be additional steps required
  • This module does not detail the EU clinical trial directive requirements of prescriptions for clinical trials, this requires additional training e.g. GCP certification. Please refer to local practice for more information.
  • In some circumstances not all the steps may be able to be done by the verifying pharmacist. In such circumstances the exact role of the verifying pharmacist should be agreed in advance and provision made to ensure all essential checks are done. E.g. nurses checking pre-treatment blood counts.

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