BOPA needs YOU!

By Netty Cracknell on 26 April 2019

BOPA needs YOU!
We have been asked to write a chapter for an IAEA/WHO publication, describing the pharmacy service requirements for a cancer centre.  I would like to pull together a small taskforce of BOPA members with experience in setting up or managing an oncology pharmacy service to write the chapter together.  A taskforce Chair will be appointed from within the group
The chapter will include all the types of pharmacy resource needed for a centre, not just the chemo side.  It is up to the authors to decide and improve, but it could be structured to include:
  • Infrastructure (spaces, ventilation, adjacencies to other services etc.)
  • Equipment – certainly including hoods etc, but all other preparation and dispensing equipment
  • Human resources (numbers in relation to throughput, qualification mix etc.)
  • Quality Assurance processes recommended
  • Clinical pharmacy services
It sounds a lot, but is an overview so the recommended length is 10 pages – it would be a summary which outlines the building blocks of a core pharmacy service rather than an educational guide for any actual step.
Unfortunately it is unpaid, but the writers would of course be named as  co-authors.  The first drafts are meant to be in by 15th July
If you are interested please contact Emma.Foreman@rmh.nhs,uk by Friday 3rd May
Emma Foreman (BOPA co-chair)
Consultant Pharmacist
Pharmacy Department

The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust
Tel: 0208 6426011 ext 1067
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