Message from Professor Rob Duncombe

By Netty Cracknell on 21 March 2019

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

On April 5th I will be setting off on the challenge of a lifetime to participate in the Marathon des Sables.
The MdS is one of the hardest footraces on the planet – and I am now in final weeks of preparation. I’m reliably informed that this year will be hotter and more brutal than ever!
To say I am apprehensive about this is an understatement.
As an additional motivation I am running the MdS for The Christie Research Charity – Just Giving Link below.
If you sponsor me then you automatically get entered into a draw to win entry to this year’s ISOPP conference just by predicting how long it will take me to complete the race.
The winner being the person who guesses closest to my total finish time. (just include your guess with your message).
You also get to choose a song for my MdS playlist.
My race number is 427 – and once the race is underway you can, via the Marathon des Sables website, track my progress through the desert.
Thank you for your support …..and I very much hope to see you all at ISOPP 2019 in London.
From April 5th to April 15th 2019 I will be participating in the Marathon Des Sables, raising money for The Christie.
Professor Rob Duncombe.
Director of Pharmacy. The Christie NHS Foundation Trust.