Results of the 2018 BOPA Membership Survey

By Netty Cracknell on 21 January 2019

Dear Member,
The results of the 2018 BOPA Membership Survey are now available for you in publications: committee documents. 
Summary of actions for BOPA Exec Committee from survey results
1.            SACT training package working group to be set up. Led by Steve Williamson
2.            Website Options Appraisal and Business Case to be done by March. Provider to be selected and new website in place before Oct 2019. Led by Netty Cracknell
3.            Existing E&T e-learning modules to be all reviewed and update and placed in new format ready for new website. Led by Bryn Thomas
4.            New E&T e-learning modules to be developed. Co-ordinated by TBC
5.            Pharmacy Technicians to be specifically consulted as to their needs from BOPA. Led by David Mitchell
6.            Finance budget and plan for BOPA to be set and shared with membership. Led by Rob Duncombe
Please note the committee are also working on other areas but these have not been stated here as it is outside the scope of the survey report. Please see minutes of meetings and workplan for more details. Any queries please do not hesitate to contact a member of the committee.
Kind Regards
Netty Cracknell
BOPA Secretary and Digital Lead