Your Cancer Treatment Record - evaluation surveys

By Netty Cracknell on 29 March 2019

Dear BOPA Members,
At the BOPA symposium in October the UK Chemotherapy Board and Cancer Research UK launched “Your Cancer Treatment Record”, a national patient-held treatment record for patients receiving systemic anti-cancer therapy. The records have been a huge success with over 40000 orders to date.
The team are now keen to receive feedback from HCPs and patients who have been using the record and have launched 2 surveys, one aimed at patients and the other at HCPs. The online surveys can be found below and paper copies may be requested via CRUK:
Patient survey:
HCP survey:
BOPA would like to encourage members to share their views on this important and impactful project, with the aim of making the resource even better.
Many thanks,
Simon Purcell
(on behalf of the UKCB and CRUK)